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Useful links 777

English departments
English Departments Online (United States and Canada; Tom Goldpaugh, Marist College)
English Department Home Pages Worldwide (David Hoover, New York University)
College and university English departments in the state of Minnesota
Rhetoric and composition; history of literacy
Alliance for Computers and Writing (ACW)
KAIROS: A Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments (sponsored by ACW)
CWRL: The Electronic Journal for Computer Writing, Rhetoric and Literature (University of Texas–Austin)
Rhetoric . . . Resources (Department of Rhetoric, University of Minnesota)
Rhetoric and Composition (English Server, Carnegie Mellon University)
The UVic Writer's Guide (Department of English, University of Victoria)
History of Literacy (History of Literacy Special Interest Group, International Reading Association)
Linguistic Society of America
The Linguist List
See also Related Readings (IATH), Linguistics.

Odden's Bookmarks
Map Collections, 1500-2000 (Library of Congress)
Get-a-Map (Ordnance Survey, Great Britain)
see also maps of London in the nineteenth century

Colleges and universities
College and University Home Pages (Christina DeMello; international list)
American Universities (Mike Conlon)

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