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Интернет ресурсы. Полезные ссылки.

Orbis - Quarterly journal of world affairs published by the Foreign Policy Research Institute. Site provides indexes to recent issues, submission and style guidelines, and staff listing.
Review of International Affairs - Produced by the Center for Eurasian Strategic Studies (ASAM), Ankara. Background, issue contents, current call for papers, and editorial board listing provided.
Review of International Studies - Founded in 1974 as the flagship journal of the British International Studies Association, Review of International Studies serves the needs of scholars in international relations and related fields such as politics, history, law, and sociology.
Situation Analysis - Online journal and forum for debate regarding the interface between critical theory, world events and international news. Printed with the support of the Postgraduate School of Critical Theory and Cultural Studies, University of Nottingham .
Strategic Insights - An electronic journal produced by the Center for Contemporary Conflict at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, covering U.S. and international security issues. Text of current and archived articles, document analyses, and reviews provided as well as submission policies and editorial staff profiles.
The American Interest - An independent non-partisan quarterly review devoted to the broad theme of "America in the world," aimed at a global audience. Selected articles, contents, weblog, submission guidelines, and subscription information.
The Journal of Public and International Affairs (JPIA) - Exclusively publishes the work of graduate students in the field. Full text available as PDF, as well as submission guidelines and a limited archive. Published by the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University.
The Modern Tribune - An e-zine covering US foreign policy.
The National Interest - A quarterly journal of international affairs and diplomacy founded by Irving Kristol. Noted for its issue featuring the "End of History" by Francis Fukuyama.
World Policy Journal - Journal of international relations published by the World Policy Institute, an internationalist organization affiliated with New School University. Archives of recent issues, text and discussion on current articles, writer's guidelines, and reader services.

WTJ Portal - Resource for researchers, hobbyists, and military professionals interested in military history, science and defense.
Angie's Military Links and Information - British, U.S., and Israeli Armed Forces links, information, and images.
Defence & Civil Database - Military and civil defense weapons and equipment directory.
Defence News & Information Portal - Defence news, resources, tenders, and other information for the defence industry. International coverage, updated daily.
DefenceLink - Links to military, para-military and defense organizations around the globe.
Links to Defence Web Sites - Links to official national and international military websites, from the UK Ministry of Defence.
Military Network - Archive of links to worldwide military related websites data and material.
Military-411.com - Online guide to military web sites, subdivided by topic areas.

A National Strategy Against Terrorism - From the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
Civilians Against Terror - Offers a proposal for rewarding victims of terrorism to create a disincentive for terrorism.
Counter-Terrorism Issues - News and analysis of the latest issues and events of counterterrorism, infrastructure protection, and the impact of terrorism on domestic politics and civil liberties.
Counter-Terrorism Proposals - From the (EPIC)Electronic Privacy Information Center.
Dangers of Semester at Sea (SAS) - Articles on safety concerns related to the SAS program. Includes information by safety experts for students considering traveling abroad.
Hindutva News - Time for an Indo-American Military Alliance - Essay calling for a military alliance between India and the United States in the context of the global threat of theology-inspired terrorism.
National Security Institute - Security Resource Net - Industry and product news, computer alerts, travel advisories, calendar of events, directory of products and services, and extensive virtual library on the security industry.
United Nations Treaty Collection - Conventions on Terrorism - List of links to United Nations conventions on terrorism.

Australia - National Security - Official government site provides a FAQ plus information about agencies, legislation, national counter-terrorism arrangements, terrorist organisations and travel advisories.
Canada - Anti-Terrorism Activities - Official government site includes information about the National Security Directorate, counter-terrorism, types of groups and national threats.
OSCE - Action Against Terrorism Unit - Presents activities, international partners, documents and background information. From the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.
Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive - In transition. Links to previous site which contains up-to-date information on news and developments, publications, seminars and what's new.
UN - UN Action Against Terrorism - Official site present the latest developments, reports on the work of the General Assembly and the Security Council, conventions, declarations, links to the UN-agencies and multimedia.
US Central Intelligence Agency - War on Terrorism - Official CIA site offers statements and interviews, a handbook for chemical, biological and radiological incidents, and links.
US Department of State: Counterterrorism Archives - Provides a permanent electronic archive of information released prior to January 20, 2001, when President George W. Bush took office.
US Department of State: Counterterrorism Office - Includes official US policies on dealing with terrorists and links to related agencies and sites.
US Federal Bureau of Investigation - War on Terrorism: Counterterrorism - Official FBI site provides information on partnerships, intelligence and analysis, major speeches, press links and Congressional links.

British Secret Intelligence Service - SIS comprises the foreign section, formerly MI6, with MI5 responsible for protecting the UK's internal security. Includes overview of work, history, relationship with other government bodies, FAQ and guidance for careers.
Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) - Government authority that provides protective security advice to businesses and organisations across the national infrastructure.
GCHQ - Official site of the UK Government Communications Headquarters which is the centre for Her Majesty's Government's Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) activities. Includes details of current job vacancies and an online quiz for potential applicants.
Investigatory Powers Tribunal - IPT is the government body investigating complaints against the Intelligence Services, Police and public authorities relating to interception, surveillance and other conduct. Outlines independence and limitations.
MI5 The Security Service - Provides information on the current major threats to UK security and expert security advice designed to help businesses and organisations protect against them.
Metropolitan Police Service: Special Operations - Provides a brief history and a list of responsibilities, including intelligence-gathering and operations on extremist political and terrorist activity.
National Intelligence Machinery - Official document explaining how British security and intelligence agencies are organised and funded. [PDF]
Office of Surveillance Commissioners - Provides information about the roles and responsibilities of those who authorise and conduct covert surveillance operations and covert human intelligence sources.
Wikipedia - MI5 - Hyperlinked encyclopaedia entry provides the history of the Security Service, responsible for protecting British Parliamentary democracy and economic interests, and fighting serious crime.
Wikipedia - Secret Intelligence Service - Hyperlinked encyclopaedia article about MI6 (Her Majesty's Secret Service) provides a history of its role beginning with the First World War. With list of directors.
Scottish Executive: Guidelines on Special Branch Work in the United Kingdom - Official report describes the roles and functions of this intelligence and policing service at national, regional and local levels. [PDF]

(IACSP) International Association For Counterterrorism & Security Professionals - A center of information and educational services for those concerned about the challenges now facing all free societies, and promoting professional ethics in the counterterrorism field.
Counter Terrorism - Wide variety of articles on terrorism. Terrorist groups, training courses, current world events, and threat advisories.
The Center for Security Policy - News and analysis of current security policy issues. Includes mandate, events, staff, publications, and links to related resources.

Terrorism - -1999 The American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise- Links to Jewish related terrorism information.
Terrorism References - Directory of resources and information on domestic and international terrorism, causes, and prevention.
Terrorism Research and Publications - Information and educational arm of the IACSP (International Association for Counterterrorism and Security Professionals).

AskMen.com - Carlos The Jackal - Feature including biographical information and facts on the notable terror acts.
Court TV - Crime Library: Terrorists - Biographies and reports about selected terrorists.

Apologetics Index: Osama Bin Laden - Provides links to news stories and resources.
CIA - Statements on Terrorism & Usama bin Laden - Official CIA site provides their public statements on terrorism and Usama bin Laden since July 1997.
Center for Nonproliferation Studies: WMD Terrorism and Usama bin Laden - February 2001 testimony of Jamal Ahmad al-Fadl about bin Laden's attempts to acquire weapons of mass destruction (WMD).
FBI - Most Wanted Terrorists: Usama bin Laden - Poster with photograph, description, caution and reward.
Wikipedia - Osama bin Laden - Hyperlinked encyclopedia article about the leader of terrorist organization al-Qaeda. Covers his personal life, beliefs and ideology, militant activities, criminal charges and attempted captures.

BBC News - Who is Osama Bin Laden? - Biography of bin Laden, as well as information on terroristic acts he has been speculated to be involved in. UK.
Boston Globe - Prime Suspect: Osama bin Laden - Collection of articles, photo gallery and background information. USA.
CNN - War Against Terror: Osama bin Laden - News and information about the al Qaeda leader. USA.
PBS Frontline: Hunting bin Laden - Video clips and accompanying text from investigative documentaries on the suspected terrorist mastermind. USA.
Salon - Osama Bin Laden - Collection of news, analysis and commentary about the al Qaeda leader. USA.
The Seattle Times: Osama bin Laden: from U.S. friend to foe - The Associated Press and Knight-Ridder Newspapers. To fully understand how Osama bin Laden became a world-famous suspected terrorism mastermind and an America-hater, it is necessary to see how he became an Islamic "holy warrior."
Guardian.co.uk - He Rarely Eats Meat but Likes to Go Hunting - An interview with one of Osama bin Laden's wives, discussing his activities and personality, September 11 and life on the run. (March 15, 2002)
Christian Science Monitor - How Osama bin Laden Got Away - Day-by-day account of how Osama bin Laden eluded the world's most powerful military machine. (March 04, 2002)
BBC News - Hunt Hots up for Bin Laden - American forces close in on the last strongholds of the al-Qaeda leader, reports BBC News. (November 28, 2001)
Guardian: No brother of mine - Marcella Bombardieri. Interview with Osama's US-based brother Abdullah in the only interview given by a member of the Bin Laden family since September 11. UK.
Guardian.co.uk - Bin Laden May Become Our Nemesis - 2001 article arguing that for the dispossessed, Bin Laden is the new Saladin, a born-again Muslim who discards foreign influences for cultural authenticity.
Guardian Unlimited: Bin Laden's Statement - Translation of the videotaped statement.
Cosmopolis - Osama bin Laden - Swiss magazine provides a biography and analysis of binn Laden's terrorist activities. [English, French, German]
Guardian Unlimited: Face to face with Osama - Rahimullah Yusufzai. The thoughts of a Pakistani journalist who has interviewed both Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar. UK. (September 26, 2001)
Time: The Most Wanted Man In The World - Lisa Beyer. In-depth history of Osama bin-Laden. USA. (September 24, 2001)
Washington Post: Borderless Network of Terror - An article about the global distribution of bin Laden's followers, focusing on groups in the Philippines, Jordan, Uzbekistan, Yemen, and Egypt. [Free registration required to view.] (September 23, 2001)
Observer: Bin Laden and son: the grooming of a dynasty - Jason Burke in Peshawar. About Osama Bin Laden, his son Muhammed, al-Zawahiri and other fighters. UK. (September 23, 2001)
Guardian Unlimited: The case for the prosecution - Julian Borger in Washington and Ewen MacAskill. "Circumstantial evidence points to Bin Laden." UK.
Guardian: Bin Laden terror network active in 34 countries - Ewen MacAskill, Richard Norton-Taylor and Julian Borger in Washington. "The enormity of the task facing the US and its allies...has been revealed in a report showing that his reach extends to 34 countries, including Britain." (September 14, 2001)
Taleban Chief Defends Bin Laden - The Taleban's reclusive leader asserts Osama Bin Laden's innocence as Kabul braces for a retaliatory operation by the United States. (September 13, 2001)
The Washington Post: Osama bin Laden and His Group - Background information about the Al Qaeda group and its leader. Timeline of presumed terrorist attacks. (GIF image, 51K) (September 13, 2001)
TIME: How to Beat Bin Laden - How Osama Bin Laden operates - and what it will take to defeat him (September 13, 2001)

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